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Privacy Statement CollectOnline


These data protection provisions apply to the offer made by CollectOnline on the Internet (hereinafter referred to as website).

CollectOnline uses all data transmitted in connection with the use of the website exclusively within the framework of the applicable legislation and the provisions regarding data protection. These data protection provisions do not apply insofar as the website only provides access to applications and/or content of third parties and these applications and/or content have been expressly marked by CollectOnline as not falling under the responsibility of CollectOnline. In these cases, the data protection provisions of third parties may also be used that deviate from these data protection provisions.

CollectOnline may change these data protection provisions from time to time in order to adapt them to future extensions or other changes to the websites or certain services. The customer has the right to demand the deletion of the stored data concerning him at any time.

Personal data

When using the website and certain applications, CollectOnline collects personal data about users, insofar as they communicate such personal data (e.g. via the "Contact" form or in a contact message sent via the website). This personal data made available by the user is used by CollectOnline to answer requests, to contact the user or to elaborate and carry out his assignments. CollectOnline will only collect, process and use the personal data made available online for the stated purposes.

CollectOnline may request the provision of personal data from the customer if the customer contacts CollectOnline's Customer Support via the website and thereby communicates personal data. The data recorded in the context of Customer Support is stored at CollectOnline and used to process the customer's request.

Making data available to third parties

CollectOnline can make customer data available to third parties with whom CollectOnline cooperates in the context of data processing, the provision of applications and/or Customer Support. In this case, the respective data will be treated in accordance with the provisions laid down here.

CollectOnline can make personal data available to third parties in the following cases:

  • if the customer has expressly given his consent for the provision, consent that can be revoked at any time,
  • if there is an executable resp. undisputed (definitive) judicial or administrative order to submit and/or make data available to third parties has been issued,
  • if CollectOnline is obliged to submit and/or make available and/or make available to third parties on the basis of a legal obligation, even without such an order,
  • if the submission and/or provision is necessary to prevent misuse of the website or certain applications - in particular an infringement of the terms of use - in a legally permissible manner.

Use of anonymized data

1. CollectOnline has the right to anonymize or pseudonymise the data collected about the customer and to compile statistics and comparable evaluations from the data processed in this way.

2. CollectOnline also has the right to use the anonymized or pseudonymised data for its own purposes and to make this data available to third parties.

Revocation of Consents

Insofar as the customer has consented to the use of the data in a certain form, he can revoke this statement at any time with effect for the future.

Process personal data

Your data will be part of an automatic processing by CollectOnline with the aim of answering your questions, verifying your data with your insurer, leasing company and/or broker and improving our services. CollectOnline can pass on your data to external partners, with a view to interesting offers from these partners. To view, change, correct or delete your data, you can send a request to our marketing department at the e-mail address