Integrations for powerful debtor management and debt collection

Integrations that make the CollectOnline software more powerful!

Debt collection software cannot do without integration partners, they provide special added value in daily use.

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A selection of our integration partners for collection software.



With Exact you can automatically load your invoices for your accounting.

Pay online

Simply add payment links and QR codes and let debtors pay cases digitally.


With registered mail you can have e-mails signed for your cases.

Bank Link

Easily link multiple bank account numbers and read payments automatically.

Data enrichment

With Graydon you can easily enrich data and increase your chances of success with cases.

SMS messages

Automatically send text messages to debtors with payment and case information.


Link your telephony to the platform and automatically see the details of your debtor.


Save time and costs by automatically sending letters with an external printing partner.


Application programming interface (API) is used when you want two systems to communicate with each other. The system uses an API to address the other system. Collectonline's API can be used flexibly if you want to automatically deliver cases from another system, automatically add data to cases, or transfer case information to another software. With this interface it is possible to integrate our solution seamlessly between two systems.


A webhook is triggered by an event in a source application and produces an action in a target application. Webhooks are effective in implementing actions in a simple way. For example, when a status is changed, you want to view a case directly in your ERP system, a webhook makes this possible. You can create a webhook yourself in the debt collection software within 2 minutes.

Import scripts

We have been importing cases into RecoverOnline for 10 years now. We have already developed many import scripts to easily import cases via Excel, XML or ODBC. Simply upload a case and the system automatically puts the data in the right place in the system, this can even be completely automated. It is even possible to create your own scripts with the import mapping module. These scripts are also used for migrating debt collection cases.

Is there an integration or partner not listed?

No problem, contact us! We will discuss your wishes together and see whether the wish may already be present within the software. If this is not yet available, we will look at the added value of a possible integration across all our customers and develop it for free!