CollectOnline debtor management software integrations

Integrations that make the CollectOnline software more powerful!

Debtor management software cannot succeed without integration partners and accounting links! Seamlessly integrated, a special added value in DunningOnline.

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A selection of our integration partners for debtor management software.



With Exact Online you have everything you need in one integrated online package. In addition to accounting and CRM, we offer specific solutions for your industry. More than 550,000 entrepreneurs are already realizing their ambitions with Exact Online.



At Yuki we are convinced that accounting can be smarter, simpler and more fun. Everything you need within one online platform. With Yuki you have full control over your financial administration. Innovation and intelligence translated into convenience. More efficiency, more insight, more decisiveness – less worries.



Following your ambitions and doing what you are good at: that is entrepreneurship. Up-to-date figures help the growth of your company. But then comes the administration. Do you put it off every time because it takes too much time or is too difficult? The SnelStart System makes automation easy and feasible. In less time you have insight into the real figures and everything is in order for the tax authorities.


Minox makes accounting software that makes you happy. That's our mission – for over 35 years. We listen and enter into a dialogue, so that we arrive at the best solution together. Our software is simple in design and has smart features so that you can not only book quickly, but also correct immediately.



The most common financial processes are therefore standard ready for you in our financial software. And by applying smart automation, you limit daily operations and create real-time insight into your accounting.



Our software has been helping companies better understand customers, optimize processes and increase profitability for 40 years. Our solutions are developed by industry experts to increase everyday productivity, from your back office, to warehouse and colleagues on the go. Our innovative and flexible approach ensures that our customers work with us for the long term.


Cevi/Logins has been an IT partner of public authorities for many years. We develop custom software for this. Because of our wide range you can find Cevi/Logins in almost every department of the board. Specially developed for municipalities in Belgium.



With D-basics as a partner, we have access to more than +900 links with financial packages within Europe. Click on the logo to see if your accounting system is listed.



At Cipal Schaubroeck we build the future together with our customers. On the basis of sustainable co-creation, we focus on innovation and raise the digital transformation of governments to a higher level.



As an entrepreneur, you want to spend as little time as possible on your accounting and focus on entrepreneurship. Automate your administration and experience the convenience with KING Software's online accounting software.



Good financial administration is the foundation of your company. The numbers must always be correct. But correct administration offers more! If you immediately know where you stand, you can make better decisions, Visma eAccounting will help you with this. You have insight at all times and get a better grip on your results.


Integrate finance into your core processes and automate tasks to increase productivity, support changing business models, and maximize financial performance.

Is there a link missing?

Integration partners debtor management software


Online payment

Simply add payment links and QR codes and let debtors pay cases digitally.


Payment links

With POM you can easily add payment orders to your emails, letters and text messages.


With registered mail you can have e-mails signed for your cases.


Bank link

Easily link multiple bank account numbers and read payment automatically.


Data enrichment

With Graydon you can easily enrich scores, credit limits and data on debtors.


SMS messages

Automatically send text messages to debtors with payment and invoice information.


Automatically send letters with a printing partner. Save time and costs.



Link your telecom provider. Automatically show the correct debtor and call out with the software.


Application programming interface (API) is used when you want two systems to communicate with each other. The system uses an API to address the other system. Collectonline's API can be used flexibly if you want to automatically deliver cases from another system, automatically add data to cases, or transfer case information to another software. With this interface it is possible to integrate our solution seamlessly between two systems.


A webhook is triggered by an event in a source application and produces an action in a target application. Webhooks are effective in implementing actions in a simple way. For example, when a status is changed, you want to view a case directly in your ERP system, a webhook makes this possible. You can create a webhook yourself in the debt collection software within 2 minutes.

Import scripts

We have been importing cases into RecoverOnline for 10 years now. We have already developed many import scripts to easily import cases via Excel, XML or ODBC. Simply upload a case and the system automatically puts the data in the right place in the system, this can even be completely automated. It is even possible to create your own scripts with the import mapping module. These scripts are also used for migrating debt collection cases.

Is there an integration or partner not listed?

No problem, contact us! We will discuss your wishes together and see whether the wish may already be present within the software. If this is not yet available, we will look at the added value of a possible integration across all our customers and develop it for free!