Extensive functionality, user-friendly and clear


Good debtor management with the aim of improving cash flow is a continuous process. Modern means of communication, various payment solutions, flexible payment options and flexible financing ensure fast payment and strengthen the customer relationship.

Despite the extensive functionality, the CollectOnline software remains very user-friendly and well-arranged!

Marco den Haan


CollectOnline at GCA Finance

After quite a bit of searching in the “Credit Management Software landscape” we ended up at CollectOnline. Thanks to our experience, which we have gained with the various providers within the sector, we were able to quickly conclude that CollectOnline's credit management software is an excellent match for our solutions.

Despite the extensive functionality, the CollectOnline software remains very user-friendly and very well-arranged.

In addition, it was possible for us to use the software as a “white label”. At the moment the software is already being used for 4 customers. The target is to welcome at least 20 customers by the end of the year.

CollectOnline was already no stranger to us. In the past there were already discussions with Sander Vrouwenfelder regarding the solutions of CollectOnline. Since the beginning of this year we have finally started working together. The collaboration with CollectOnline is very pleasant and we share the same vision on many matters. In addition, the interaction is very close and the support is of an exceptional level.

CollectOnline is always open to changes or improvements to the software. This also applies to the various links with third parties (such as accounting packages).

In short: we are very satisfied with the cooperation so far! We are also convinced that we will continue to work together successfully for many years to come!

Their advantage:

Very user-friendly with a clear overview. 
Used by our own customer as a white label.
Same vision and pleasant cooperation.
Always open to adjustments and improvements.
Very satisfied and successful cooperation.

CollectOnline debt collection and debt management is used on a daily basis at GCA Finance.

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